Saturday Beer Tastings @ Anderson’s, Woodville Mall

That’s in Northwood, near Toledo in case you didn’t know…

Saturday Beer TastingJuly 28th, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.THIS WEEK: MICHIGAN’S OWN DARK HORSE BREWINGCrooked Tree IPA, $9.99/6-packSapient Trip Ale, $10.99/6-packRaspberry Ale, $9.99/6-packBoffo Brown Ale, $9.99/6-packPriced to taste individually at $0.50/sample or taste all four for $2.00.


Get your tickets now for Blues & Brews (July 28)

Full story at examiner: Click here. And who’s idea was it to schedule the Cleveland Scene Magazine Alefest (Lincoln Park in Tremont) on the same day? If you can’t go to one, go to the other! Both are outdoors in nice settings, have live music and good beer.